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AMB 23ft Class C

Ideal motorhome for 2-4 people. Maximum of 5. Fully self-contained RV with flushable toilet, shower, hot water, microwave and many more options.

People : 5
Make & Age : Ford
V8 or V10 Gas Engine
1-3 year(s) old.
Year & Model : 2018-2019
Engine : V10
Transmission : Automatic
Sleeping Configuration : Suggested Occupancy: Maximum of 5

Overhead Bed: 137cm x 203cm
Dinette Bed: 115cm x 170cm
Rear Bed: 144cm x 203cm

Note: *Sleeping capacities do not mean like number of adults or full size teenagers can be accommodated comfortably. The features, bed sizes, and amenities listed are representative and may be changed, added or deleted without notice. The numerical vehicle lengths are approximate. Specific floor plans or models will vary and cannot be reserved or guaranteed.
Adults : 5
Toilet & Shower :  
Flush Toilet & Inside Shower
Air Conditioning :  
Roof & Dash Air Conditioning
Heating :   Propane Gas Furnace
Child Seats :   Can accommodate two 5-point child seats and two booster seats.

Please advise age and weight of the child during booking.
Water Tank :   Fresh Water Tank Capacity: 115L
Waste Water Tank :   Black Holding Tank Capacity: 85L
Grey Holding Tank Capacity: 98L
Sink :  
Hot & Cold Water :   Hot Water Heater: 23L
Fly screen :   Fitted
Internal Access :  
Fire Extinguisher :  
Seat Belts : 6
2x Main Cab
4x Driver's Cab
Kitchen :   Fridge & Freezer
Propane Gas Stove
Propane Tank: 69L
Entertainment :   AM/FM Radio CD/Aux /USB
Storage : Ample storage. Collapsible luggage is recommended.
Transmission : Automatic
Cruise Control
Tilt Steering Wheel
Engine / Fuel : Gasoline
Fuel Capacity : 140 Liters
Fuel Consumption (approx) : 23 / L/100KM
23-25L / 100KM
Dual Battery :  
Power Supply : Generator - The vehicle comes with a generator and it`s free of charge. It uses the same gasoline as the engine does. As long as the customer has 1/4 of a tank left, the generator will work (safety feature).
Exterior Length : 7.16m
Exterior Width : 2.50m
Exterior Height : 3.30m
Interior Height : 2.10m

Convenience Kit ($95.00 per person)

Per Person
1 Sleeping Bag, 1 Bed Sheet & Flat Sheet, 1 Pillow & Pillow Slip, 2 Bath Towel, 2 Hand Towel, 2 Face Cloth
1 Large Plate, 1 Small Plate, 1 Cup, 1 Glass, 1 Cereal/Fruit Bowl, 1 Steak Knife, 1 Knife, 1 Fork, 1 Tablespoon, 1 Teaspoon, 1 Egg Cup

Per Vehicle
1 Pair of Pot Holders, 2-3 Cleaning Rags, 2-3 Dish Rags, 2-3 Tea Towels, 1 Pair of Rubber Gloves, 1 Flash Light, 1 First Aid Kid, 1 Pair of Scissors, 1 Butane Lighter, Pliers/Wrench/Screwdriver, RV Toilet Chemicals, RV Toilet Paper
1 Mattress Cover, 1 Set of Pots and Pans, 1 Campfire Frying Pan, 1 Measuring Cup, 1 Sieve/Strainer, 2 Food Container, 1 Can Opener, 1 Bottle Opener, 1 Whisk, 1 Cheese Grater, 3 Bowls, 1 Spatula, 1 Cooking Spoon, 1 Serving Spoon, 1 Wooden Spoon, 1 Carving Knife, 1 Peeling Knife, 1 Bread Knife, 1 Dish Rack, 1 Ice Cube Tray, 1 Cutlery Tray, 1 Cutting Board, 1 Thermos, 1 Kettle, 1 Coffee Pot with Filter, 1 Electric Toaster, 1 Water Leveler, 1 Check Card, 1 Dustpan & Small Brush, 1 Broom, 1 Bucket, 1 Waste Basket, 1 Toilet Brush, Door Entrance Mat, Bathroom Floor Mat, Coat Hangers, Water Hose, Sewer Hose, Camping Chairs, Camping Table, Leveling Wood, Axe

Please note: All measurements are approximate and may vary depending on model year. Floor plans may vary.